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Layer Validity

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It is possible to determine the validity of layers within Openwind by defining logic within their child layers. Figure 15 shows the Parent Validity Tab of the properties dialog for a LineLayer.



Figure 15:  Layer Properties: Parent Logic (LineLayer)


Vector Layers can make use of geometry to determine the validity of the parent layer. Also, by selecting Some shapes, the values of attributes can be used to restrict the geometric logic to a subset of the objects in the child layer. For instance, a PolygonLayer containing the land parcel boundaries for the site area could be used to determine the areas of the parent SiteLayer which can be used for turbine placement. By making use of the PolygonLayer's attributes, one could further limit the parent SiteLayer to those polygons in which the attribute "Signed" has a value of 1. Polygon Layers can use negative buffers.

RasterLayers can restrict the valid areas of their parent layers to those areas in which the RasterLayer has Z values that fall within a user-defined range such as that specified in Figure 16. Here, the parent is only valid for those areas in which the elevation is greater than or equal to 400.



Figure 16:  Layer Properties: Parent Logic (RasterLayer)


Image layers can also be used to restrict the valid areas of their parent layers by applying a color test to each pixel of the image (Figure 17). This is not much different than the way Raster Layers restrict parent validity—the test there generally requires a certain amount of trial and error as numeric color similarity is rarely intuitive. An alternative option would be to convert the image into a raster on which a simpler numerical test can be carried out.



Figure 17:   Layer Properties: Parent Logic (ImageLayer)


While this capability is not applicable to all data types that is only because it has not yet been deemed necessary or logical in those cases. If you need it to be extended, please contact us and make your case.

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