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Openwind is a software program developed to aid in the design, optimisation, and assessment of wind power projects. In its user interface, data types, and architecture, the software is patterned after Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This enables the program to be applied effectively and efficiently to a wide range of wind farm design challenges of varying size and complexity. However, its core energy computations are designed to be functionally identical to those of other leading wind farm design programs.


Openwind is intended to give users with a technical mindset the freedom to work in the way you see fit. The benefit of this is that Openwind is less prescriptive than some other software packages. The cost is that it can take a little getting used to and can feel like a steep learning curve at first. We try to keep things as consistent as possible and hope that once you get used to the way Openwind works in terms of Layer Validity as well as Interpretation and Search Order, you'll be off and running.




Please see the Tutorials link over there in the top right if you want to watch videos of the basics of what Openwind can do.


Please go to with an FTP client (now that most web-browsers don't support FTP anymore) to download data (approximately 1.4GB) that you can use to reproduce what you see in the tutorial videos.










Please visit us at Openwind information page